About us

The Journey Begins is the first book in the series entitled, The Adventures of Bubblegum Bobby. Bubblegum Bobby’s main goal is to blow the world’s largest bubble. Bobby is a daydreaming, honest, quirky kid who wants to do right. He tries a new way to blow a large bubble and he and his curious dog Coco get stuck in the bubble. 

BGB Creators


Camille C. Akpulonu

Wants children to see diversity in books and feed their imaginations by bringing adventure through this series.

Tsabitha Illustration Studios

Tsabitha Illustration Studio

A family team from Indonesia.


Bubblegum Bobby

The main character of our adventures. He is a quirky, honest 9 year old who loves his dog Coco.

“The places you chose for the book were amazing and funny. ”
Ashlee, 4th grader
“I thought that your story was funny. There was action and mostly adventure. ”
Rigel, 4th grader
“The story you read to us was awesome. ”
Anonymous, 4th grader